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Jeanna Brown Art collection is created to inspire positivity, and encourage creativity, provoke thought, and transpire a healing or therapeutic calming. Acrylic paint is the medium of choice however, many of the art pieces are multi-medium based by using texture, gels, liquid, and gloss on various art pieces.
Every piece includes a certificate of authenticity and signature. 
If you have special requests for a specific size painting or a certain color theme feel free to reach out.



Jeanna's Interests

Lives in Los Angeles, CA

Has been exploring art since before her college days.

 Paints with acrylic paint on canvas and uses multiple mediums.

Her willingness to use color and texture allows her creativity to shine through her work.

Loves to give back, especially to young girls, women, domestic violence, and cancer awareness. She has been a mentor to college students at CSUDH for over 5 years and very much appreciates and loves philanthropy.


Jewels By Jeanna

One-Of-A-Kind Just Like You

Virtual Art Classes

Learn More about Art Therapy Classes and The Art Lab

NOTE: Summer is just about here! Kids Class for an hour.

Designed to give parents or caretakers a small break in the action. On-demand.

In Art Collectors Words


"I love the Silver and Blue it makes me feel like a waterfall or clouds. The design really relaxing to look at."


"Art has a way of inspiring and healing the soul."

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