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Art Therapy

Healing Hearts with Art

Join our 2-week art experience where you will learn skills on how to create and express via the canvas. Your instructor Jeanna will show you how to release emotions you did not realize was lingering around for years and who knows decades. 

During this art therapy class, these are some of the skills you will learn and experience: 

  • Allow: Get in the right mindset to allow the space to create and do something new.

  • Art: Generates relaxation and happiness feelings.

  • Art: Builds esteem of achievement, great for anyone who has dealt with co-dependency and trauma.

  • Art: Can be a Brain Stimulator, helps develop concentration.

  • Art: Release any stored up emotions can just let it go on the canvas.

  • Out of comfort zone: Give yourself permission. You are in a safe space. 

  • Healing occurs and therapy occurs: Boost mood and improves mental health.

  • Creating: An avenue for self expression and improves cognitive skills.

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